There are many benefits to hiring virtual marketing assistants for businesses of all sizes. As your business expands, oftentimes the first call of duty is taking on additional employees. However, hiring more staff increases overhead costs and chips away at your business profits. Furthermore, you may not require full-time help, but additional support only occasionally. This is where hiring virtual support becomes greatly beneficial.

Below are the three main benefits of hiring virtual marketing assistants.

Saves You “all-important” Time

Save Time

While the task of recruitment isn’t quite rocket science, there is more to it than it seems. Most likely you will go through the following process:

  1. Produce a job advertisement to attract your ideal candidates
  2. Distribute the job ad through relevant channels so that potential employees can find it
  3. Screen all the applications and filter out the unsatisfactory resumes. This will leave a small pool of qualified candidates
  4. Set up interviews to whittle down the applicants further. The goal is to end up with just a few potential candidates for the job
  5. In some cases, multiple rounds of interviews are necessary depending on the remaining talent pool.

Once you finally find that perfect candidate to join your team, the training process will begin in order to maximise performance on the job. By using virtual marketing assistants, you can skip over many of these steps and save a great deal of time and effort in the process.

Minimises Office Politics

Bringing the perfect candidate for the job into your building is more than just one’s ability to carry out their duties well. How they fit into the overall team is also an important point that also needs addressing. The benefits of working within a positive atmosphere or the consequences of poor team ethics are critical.

You know those “boring” tasks that no one wants to do and often cause rifts among team members? Those tasks that make people feel like you’re punishing or picking on them? Your virtual marketing assistant can complete them with no fuss. This will allow your other specialised employees to focus on other important tasks that will drive business growth and also keep the working environment pleasant.

Workplace politics is a non-factor when you hire virtual marketing assistants because they work remotely. You also do not have to worry about tardiness, blatant no shows for work, constant smoke breaks throughout the day, and extended lunch hours on company time.

Decreases Labour Costs

Virtual Marketing Assistants Save Money

As previously mentioned there are major costs benefits when you hire virtual marketing support. That’s because they are not on your standard employee payroll. You only pay them for the hours they work. This saves you having to pay full-time and part-time staff regardless of work availability. In addition to this, you will save on providing the extra employee benefits that increase your overheads even more. This means you can call upon your virtual heroes only when you need their services. It can save you a lot of money in the process.

No need to worry about staff training here. Virtual marketing assistants already have the requisite skills and resources needed to perform at a very high standard. They will be your collaborative partner that undertakes all those small yet important tasks that can distract you from other jobs that facilitate business growth.

In Need Of A Virtual Marketing Assistant?

If you’re thinking about expanding your business, strengthening your marketing team, increasing efficiency, reducing operational costs, and eliminating office politics, contact us today and make use of our professional virtual marketing services.