It is now more important than ever for brands to place the context of their marketing during COVID-19  on a pedestal. The current coronavirus pandemic continues to impact society in many more ways than health & wellbeing or economic devastation alone.

At this time of heightened sensitivity brands must exercise extreme caution and empathy in these unprecedented circumstances. The following article provides some useful tips for effectively managing your marketing communications during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Inform Your Customers Of Any COVID-19 Related Changes

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The current novel coronavirus outbreak is affecting routine business operations in numerous ways. It is your duty to inform your customers whether the conditions will have any impact on your product or service offering. If you’re continuing to ship products, be sure to warn your customers that their deliveries may take longer than usual. You should also address and tactfully communicate any other issues, such as changes to your supply chain or customer service.

Only Refer To Credible COVID-19 Sources

Beware of Fake News

There is a lot of misinformation that is making the rounds. If your brand feels the need to share any information related to the pandemic, it is essential to only ever share details from credible sources. While this goes without saying, there are always those predictable few that seemingly follow a totally different set of rules. Examples of trustworthy sources include:

Failing to provide accurate information will inevitably lead to bad publicity and reputational damage.

Review Your Current And Upcoming Marketing Campaigns

With no certainty regarding what the future holds, many organisations are temporarily placing their marketing campaigns on hold. Some organisations are completely scrapped their existing advertisements and replaced them with COVID-19-response campaigns. While these measures are not always necessary, you will need to review your existing communications schedule.

First, conduct an audit of your current campaigns and come to a decision on whether you need to temporarily pause or pull them. You should make this decision with the current climate front of mind. Is your material too insensitive or irrelevant at this time?

In most instances, your upcoming campaigns may only need some slight alterations or placing on hold. Just because your campaign isn’t suitable right now, it does not mean that you cannot use it in the future. However, if your content is completely inappropriate under the current circumstances, you might need to pull the plug altogether.

Adjust Your Content For Relevance

COVID-19 has led most countries around the world to enforce tough restrictions on their citizens. This includes rules that prevent people from leaving their homes for all non-essential travel. As a result, it is vital for brands to review their existing content to ensure that it aligns with current safety measures.

For example, your current propositions may include ‘visit us today’ or ‘buy online and collect in-store’. You must replace these with more relevant statements such as ‘contact-free home delivery’ or ‘check our COVID-19 delivery estimates’. Making such changes to your marketing during COVID-19 is not only very useful to your customers but it also demonstrates your ability to adapt with the times, thus elevating confidence in your brand.

Do Not Attempt To Unethically Capitalise On The Crisis

While many businesses have taken a huge hit or gone under in the worst cases, there are those that are experiencing a spike in revenue. Streaming services, online gaming are just two examples.

Nonetheless, it’s important not to, under any circumstances, attempt to unethically capitalise on the pandemic. This means refraining from inflating the price of high-demand products. If anything providing special offers during this time would be a better strategy to adopt. Competitively priced products or services that offer solutions to problems in times like these are much more likely to drive sales. It will also keep your brand safe from the inescapable public backlash of unethical practices.

Use Tact In Your Marketing Communications During The COVID-19 Pandemic

There is no certainty as to when everything will return to normal. While that may be so, there are still some important aspects that your business has within its control. Your marketing communications is one of them.

Ensure that you monitor the latest updates from credible sources and inform your customers of any COVID-19 related changes to your operations. In addition to this, you should review existing and imminent campaigns and make the necessary adjustments to your content for relevance. Ultimately though, don’t attempt to unethically capitalise on the crisis in any way. Stay safe.