It is now more important than ever for e-commerce businesses to stay up to date with the latest industry trends. And what better way to keep up with those trends than to attend an e-commerce expo.

These events help e-commerce brands stay informed through a variety of networking opportunities. Whether you attend a workshop or a panel discussion, you will likely leave any e-commerce expo with a wealth of new knowledge.

In this article we discuss some of the best e-commerce expos from around the world. Please note that some of the following dates may change as a result of the current COVID-19 pandemic.

E-Commerce Event

#1. Paris Retail Week (15-17th Sep 2020)

The fifth annual Paris Retail Week expo is a three-day long trade fair that celebrates everything e-commerce. The expo splits up into separate e-commerce themes such as B2B marketing and sales. There are over 600 exhibitors planning to grace the show floor this year, leaving you with plenty of opportunity to speak with industry professionals. You’ll get to interact with exhibitors from all corners of the globe too, which gives you further insight into international markets.

This year’s Paris Retail Week will be one of the largest yet, featuring a talented mix of project managers, executives and CEOs. In addition to this, the expo welcomes a whole host of recognisable names such as HP, Shopify and Toshiba.

#2. E-Commerce Expo London (30th Sep)

The E-commerce Expo London is one of the largest e-commerce expos in the UK. Each year it hosts over 350 speakers over the course of a weekend. It’s extremely accessible for any retail professional or marketer to gain invaluable knowledge about the industry. During the event, industry professionals host a series of open sessions that allow attendees to ask any questions they have.

This year’s expo features an eclectic mix of presentations, workshops, and expert roundtables. Previous exhibitors and presenters include big names such as Parcelhub, Wish, and Shopify.

#3. The Alibaba E-Commerce Expo (21-22nd Aug 2020)

Hosted in Melbourne, Australia, the Alibaba E-commerce Expo connects smaller businesses to the growing market in China. It is home to over 150 exhibitors spread over a two-day experience that attracts over 12,000 visitors each year. Alibaba will manage this year’s event in order to really focus on the lucrative Chinese market.

During the two-day expo, visitors can experience a selection of motivating panel discussions from some of the leading industry experts. There’s also a fantastic opportunity to engage with a variety of service partners on the show floor. Additionally, real Australian and New Zealand businesses share stories about their experience using Alibaba’s e-commerce ecosystem to access trade opportunities.

#4. E-Commerce Show North (2021 Date TBA)

The E-commerce Show North takes place at the Digital City Expo in Manchester, England. The 5th annual instalment of the expo aims to unite the UK’s e-commerce community and discuss emerging industry challenges. Consequently, the end goal is to provide visitors with knowledgeable insight into new solutions and innovative business ideas.

Each year the expo hosts a variety of keynotes, e-commerce masterclasses and engaging talks from industry experts. These cover a variety of topics spanning technology, B2B marketing, customer service, media, creative and more.

Attendees At E-Commerce Expo

#5. Savant E-Commerce Conference (Multiple Dates)

The Savant E-Commerce Conference is unique in that it takes place in 3 European cities throughout the year – Berlin, Amsterdam and Stockholm. While the Berlin and Amsterdam conferences have already taken place, the Stockholm conference is currently in the calendar for June. There’s also an additional congress in May for those with an interest in the supply chain.

The Savant E-Commerce Conference promises to scrap the sales pitch type presentations that you see at many other conventions – ensuring only the most entertaining, informative discussions. They do this by closely reviewing all presentations before the convention takes place.

#6. CommerceNext (29th July 2020)

CommerceNext is a two-day retail conference that discusses the future of retail marketing according to the latest industry trends. Hosted in NYC, visitors from around the world come together to explore the latest e-commerce strategies, including customer acquisition and digital marketing.

The event consists of over 50 speaking sessions hosted by 100 VPs, directors, and all-round knowledgeable professionals. This includes 11 keynotes and 30 breakout sessions that cover “how-to” marketing tactics. In addition to that, there’s even an award show to honour the most coveted industry leaders. Each year, over 1200 attendees flood the show floor to interact with over 600 exhibitors – meaning everyone gets the opportunity to network.

#7. ShopTalk (14th-17th Sep 2020)

Hosted in Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, the annual ShopTalk expo is one of the largest e-commerce expos in the U.S. As a result, over 3,000 brands convene each year to discuss the future of online retail. The expo welcomes a variety of attendees that range from small tech startups to international tech giants and venture capitalists – each sharing the same passion for e-commerce.

The weekend-long program connects up-and-coming e-commerce businesses with industry leaders. It consists of over 100 ground-breaking sessions that aim to push retail’s innovation narrative forward. Around 8,000 individuals attend the ShopTalk expo, which allows for productive networking and insightful social engagements. This year’s list of featured speakers includes Chief Global Digital Consumer & Customer Experience Officers at Kellogg, Julie Bowerman as well as VP, Global Brand, Creative & Curated Merchandising at Wayfair, Liza Lefkowski.

#8. Seller Fest (14-15th Sep 2020)

Seller Fest is one of the best annual e-commerce expos taking place in Vilnius, Lithuania. This two-day event focuses exclusively on Amazon sellers and aims to provide attendees with a greater understanding of the growing European market. Throughout the weekend, the expo hosts a variety of sessions conducted by leading industry professionals from across the continent. These talks cover a broad spectrum of topics including Amazon advertising (PPC), language translation, VAT, optimising listings, and much more.

The event delivers a lot of value for people of different nationalities and all presentations are in English. There are over 100 Amazon sellers each year, which makes for an intimate setting that enables you to engage in meaningful conversations. You’ll also get the chance to speak with some of the biggest Amazon experts to help take your e-commerce business to the next level.

#9. E-Commerce Operations Summit (2020 Date TBA)

The E-Commerce Operations Summit that takes place in Orlando, Florida, is tailor-made for the logistical and operational side of e-commerce. It’s the only conference solely focusses on topics such as fulfilment, supply chain, and shipping & returns. Over 800 professionals grace the floor each year, which makes for an excellent networking opportunity.

Over the course of the event, attendees will get to experience a variety of informative discussions hosted by industry professionals. Additionally, the event will also feature a range of e-commerce workshops that share the latest industry trends with attendees.

There’s also a range of panel discussions led by renowned e-commerce experts such as Karen Goeller of Packlane and Rick Bingle of REI. The event sponsors consist of big names such as Logistyx, ProShip, ABM, and more.


That’s our list of unmissable international e-commerce expos. You’ll gain invaluable industry knowledge by attending one of the events above. They also present a fantastic opportunity for you to market your brand and build relationships with other business associates. From the busy show floors to intimate panel discussions, there’s truly something for every e-commerce business.