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What’s All The Fuss With SEO?

SEO is essential for e-commerce success. It propels your website towards the top of search engine rankings and when it comes to selling online, that’s huge! By adopting this organic approach, you will attract the right type of buyers, amplify brand awareness and ultimately increase sales revenue.

That’s Why We’re Offering A FREE Technical SEO Audit For Your E-commerce Business. This includes:

  • Product page optimisation to increase your e-commerce conversions

  • Category page optimisation for an enhanced user experience

  • On-page & off-page SEO to deliver highly targeted traffic

  • Website usability to ensure consistency across different devices

  • Website performance for improved search engine rankings

  • Social media presence to maximise brand exposure and awareness

  • Website security to identify any potential security issues

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Our Process

E-Commerce Website SEO Audit

We conduct a comprehensive review of your website using both cutting edge data analysis tools and manual testing. The audit will evaluate everything from product page and category page optimisation, to indexing and usability – identifying areas for improvement.

We will also provide details on the authority of your website – a critical aspect of your SEO performance that evaluates your backlink profile. When the audit is complete, you will receive a report that lays out the results of your website SEO as it currently stands.

You will then be presented with recommendations to help you improve the performance of your holistic e-commerce presence online. You’ll have the option of implementing the changes yourself or reaching out to us if you require any assistance. We provide a range of services to optimise your marketing activity and deliver “ready-to-buy” customers to your online store.

This includes:

Technical SEO Execution

Keyword Research

Content Creation & Copywriting

Website Optimisation

Market & Competitor Analysis

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